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Do it yourself health report

Check your own health online today.  A Do-It-YourSelf Health Report will guide you to create your own personalized and professional health snapshot in writing, just like at a doctor's office.  Print it out our download it to share with your friends and family.


Step 1)  Order a Do-It-YourSelf Health Report.  We ask the questions and you provide the answers.  We will write your health report just like at a doctor's office.  Put your health problem or concerns in writing and find out more about your health.


Step 2)  Fill-in the health questionnaires. Enter your health data fast and easy with our fun-to-fill, drop-down menus. We show you how to enter your vital signs and self-physical exam!

Sample of a Self Health Report


Health Report Questionairre


Step 3)  Create a password and enter the HEALTHY CHECK UP PORTAL to see all of your reports, graphs, health data and/or lab results online anytime you like!

Healthy Check Up Patient Portal Sample 


 Step 4)  Attach your best selfie and we will pin it on the top page of your Self Health Report. See your personalized Self Health Report or lab tests online in the Healthy Check Up Portal.

Healthy Check Up Patient Portal

Self Health Report #2

Self Health Report Example 3

Self Health Report Example 4

 Self health report and play with yourself




 Comparison chart of all Self Health Reports Online



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