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What is a Basic Self Health Report?

A Basic Self Health Report  allows you to enter your own health data on a fun-to-fill electronic health questionnaire, which asks you the same questions that your doctor would ask you at an office visit.  The difference is that YOU get to keep your own self-reported health note and store it for your own records, instead of leaving it at the doctor's office.  This is part of a do-it-yourself wellness program where you can check your own health from home, without health insurance or a doctor online.There is overwhelming health information online, but it does not PERSONALLY address your symptoms or concerns like a Specific Self Health Report will.  It's simple to fill out with the drop down menu's and date calendars to enter your health data.  Get organized with your health and life history.  We help you create your own personalized snapshot of you health condition without a doctor's visit.  Take a look at this example that you will get online:

Once you have completed entering all of your answers on the Basic Do-It-Your-Self Health Report, you will be able to print it or download it for your records, or share it with your friends and family. You will be able to simply compare any changes to your health, lab results, or any future data on your    Do-It-Your-Self Health Reports.

If you want to try this new online self-health service, then get started today with a Basic Self Health Report for only $9.99.  

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Please note that you cannot attach your selfie to the Basic Self Health Report.   You must purchase a Specific, Complete or Deluxe Self Health Report where you can upload your selfie so that we can post on the front page of your Self Health Report.


If you have a specific health problem or concern now, we recommend that you consider a Specific Self Health Report with a more detailed questionnaire about a particular health problem for only $19.99.  You can then submit your selfie, and our frirendly health staff will be pin it to the top of your Specific Self Health Report, in order to make it very personal to you.

Our online, do-it-yourself, self-health care system is a very convenient, secured, password-protected and HIPAA-Protected Self Health Care Online Program that will immediately organize your health information today. Your consumer rights for electronic transmission of private and personal information online is very important to us, and so we protect your privacy rights by offering this secure and protected system online.  We will help you gather your own health data safely and securely, just like a doctor's office, but you can now get this at home.  We do not store your health data when you purchase a Basic Self Health Check Up, and once you print or download your completed questionnaire, it will delete your health data from our site.

Separately, you can also order a low cost blood test online, without your doctor, nationwide and only in the USA, from anywhere and anytime with Healthy Check Up Online!


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$9.97  A Basic Self Health Check Up:

What's included:

  1. A Basic Self Health Report is a health questionnaire that is fun-to-fill, with a list of drop down menu for your answers.
  2. A self-reported, self physical exam done by yourself, with the same questions that your doctor would ask you at a medical visit.
  3. A copy of your own self-reported check up and health data that you can print or download after you are done.


Use our SAMPLE FORM below to see how easy it is to fill in your health data.  Any information you enter will NOT be saved and will be erased after you exit this web page.  You do not need to enter your name or email address, so just scroll down and click on any question to see how easy it is to fill this form out. 


If you want to get started to enter and save your own health data on this form, you must:

  1. Create an account on our website, or log in as a returning customer,

  2. Purchase this item for only $9.99, and Add to Cart now!

  3. You will then get access to a safe and secure site to start your Basic Self Health Report Online.

  4. Enter your own vital signs and use our (BMI) Body Mass Calculator



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