Blood Test Online For Blood Type Without Health Insurance Or Doctor Online



Check your ABO Group & Rho(D) Blood Type-This blood test online is important to your do-it-yourself wellness program, because it measures your blood type, without the need for health insurance or a doctor online.


 This health test identifies your blood type, and you should now it in case you are pregnant, or if you ever need to have a surgery or blood transfusion.  Find out if your blood group is (A, B, AB or O).  If you plan to get pregnant, it is important to know if you and your partner have an Rh antigen negative or positive.  This opposition of Rh antigen in the red blood cell can conflict, oppose and attack each other and lead to an abortion.


Why is it important to know your blood type?


  1. For a pregnant woman, you can identify whether you are Rh positive or negative, and whether you are a candidate for receiving Rh immune globulin.  If so, this medication will help prevent developing antibodies that may fight against the opposite type of blood cells that your fetus is producing.  If your’re not treated, then this blood type opposition may lead to a probable abortion or birth defects.


  1. Blood typing also tells the personnel at collection facilities what blood type you are donating and who can safely receive your blood.


  1. For emergency blood transfusions, the results of this blood test tell health professionals which blood or blood components are safe for you to receive.



Why do I need this blood test?

If you have unexplained symptoms or concerns for an illness, checking yourself for the presence or absence of a disease is only confirmed through a blood test.

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