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Part 1:  Check your own health condition online and get a professionally written and personalized Do-It-Your-Self Health Report. We provide the health questionnaires and you provide your health data answers.  

Got a health problem or concern?  We will help you put your health data in writing, so that you can better understand your symptoms, past medical history and present health risks.  

Part 2: Choose any digital human body part to learn and Play With YourSelf.

There is no need for health insurance or a doctor online, when you can do-it-yourself and save with your own self funded plan, starting at only $29.97.  

Basic Self Health Report Wellness Program For Your Self Funded Plan

Our detailed health questionnaires will ask you the same health questions that your doctor would ask you in a medical visit, except that you can now keep your own do-it-your-self Health Report, or share it with your friends and family, rather than leaving it at at the doctor's office.



                                                                      Part 1

Get your Complete Do-It-YourSelf Health Report today. It's simple as 1, 2, 3 with the drop down menu answer choices provided for you.  Create your own health snapshot, just like one you would get at a doctor's visit!

1) Enter your own health history/data

2) Enter your vital signs

3) Enter your own physical exam findings

Then sign, print or download to your computer.


Your information will be safe and secure with this


Basic Self Health Report Questionnaire to Check Your Health without Health Insurance or Doctor Online



Basic Self Health Report Questionnaire to Check Your Health Online without Health Insurance or Doctor Online


See your own health data in a snapshot! Get your own personalized Basic Do-It-Your-Self Health Report to find out details about your health problem or concern.



You will get access to create your own password protected account to our Healthy Check Up Portal






                  Part 2

Also, you will get to choose from any one of these digital human body parts that may pertain to your health problem, personal interest or health concern.   Play With YourSelf is a unique 3-D digital human, that allows you to get up and close, and all round of any human body part.

Play With YourSelf Catalog

Get a complete self-health care online experience and learn more about yourself, while you Play with YourSelf---a 3D interactive digital human that we call YourSelf.  Choose from a variety of its human body parts that you get to explore and play with individually, when purchased separately from the drop down menu above.    

You will be marveled when you start to control and move YourSelf, as a whole, or with its individual body parts, by simply using your mouse on your computer or a finger on your cell phone.  You will be impressed with how fun and easy you can control YourSelf, move YourSelf, spin Yourself, and see YourSelf zoom in and zoom out, go inside and outside of YourSelf, turn YourSelf frontwards and backwards, or slide YourSelf upside down and all around! 

This fascinating digital program has special features that allow you take a digital X-ray of YourSelf, or look at YourSelf by slicing sections of the body, with a digital Cat Scan!  Take control of YourSelf and learn more about yourself now!  Enhance your learning experience and get to know YourSelf, up close and personal, with this AMAZING and UNIQUE 3D interaction!  Play with YourSelf and learn with a variety of digital 3D human body part replicas of yourself, where you can choose a specific human body part that interests you.  Learn more about your own human body parts and understand how they relate to your health problems too.  Play with YourSelf right now online, and see how fun and easy it is to control YourSelf with your mouse at your house, or with a finger tap on the app.  There is no need to download this product, just buy it and get the link to start playing now! 

You will definitely appreciate your own human body parts, as you watch and learn more about yourself, when you Play With YourSelf right now online.

Get A Complete Do-It-Your-Self Health Report and choose any digital human body part so that you can learn and Play With YourSelf for only $29.97  


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Get your Complete Do-It-YourSelf Health Report today.

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