Get A Self Health Check Up For Your Eye Problem Right Now Online

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Product Description

A Self Health Check Up For Your Eye Problem allows you to enter your own health data on a fun-to-fill electronic health questionnaire with the same questions that your doctor would ask you at an office visit.  The difference is that you get to keep your own health information and store it for your own records, instead of leaving it at the doctor's office.  You can then look it up online from anywhere and anytime with Self Health Care Online!

Once you have completed entering all of your answers on the Self Health Check Up form, you will be able to print or download it for your records, or share with your friends and family, or simply compare it to any changes to your health or future Self Health Check Ups.

Our online self-health care system is a very convenient, secured, password and HIPAA Protected Self Health Care Online Program that will immediately gather your health information today.  Your consumer rights for electronic transmission of private and personal information online is very important to us, and so we will protect your rights by offering this secure and protected system online, in order to help you gather your health data safely and effectively.  

 After you enter all of your health data and answers, you will soon receive an email with a password to enter the secured health data storage, My Self Health Portal, where you will be able to create your own Personal Health Record online and find your Self Health Note.


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See our SAMPLE SELF HEALTH CHECK UP FORM to practice entering your health data on our detailed health questionnaire about your eye problem.  

See a list of other Self Health Check Up questionnaires available right now online, with a variety of body parts or health problems for only $14.99.



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