Are You Really Healthy? Find Out With A 6 Month Blood Test Challenge

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Challenge yourself to get healthy and stay healthy!

Are your blood tests normal?  For greater accuracy, break the tie between a series of normal and abnormal blood tests and get 6 of the the same blood tests, within 6 months to chart your graph.  Check your own health and order a 6 Month Challenge on any blood test of your choice.  You will receive a lab order every month for 6 consecutive months, where you can then graph and get a more accurate reading on your cholesterol, diabetes, or thyroid disease and more.  
Find out how much your health is worsening, or improving, over a 6 Month Challenge.  Graph your blood test results and follow the progression of your disease, or improvement with your lifestyle modifications.


Choose which blood test your are concerned about and order a 6 Month Challenge for only $179.99. This includes 6 same blood tests for less than $30.00 each, compared to the regular price of $35.00 for only one lab test ordered separately.  With a 6 Month Challenge, you will save an additional $29.99 from the already discounted, 70% off the high regular lab prices, compared to your insurance paid, doctor's office or hospital bill. 

Most of all, it is now more convenient to choose and order your blood test online from home or a cell phone.  Our lab partners will provide their doctor's lab order and the results will be given directly to you.


It's simple.  Choose your lab test and we will email you:

1) Your Lab order,

2) Your LabCorp Lab Location nearest you, nationwide in the USA, and

3) Your Lab results in 2-3 days, after you lab draw!  


Prevention is better than cure!.  Invest in yourself to save on unexpected future healthcare costs and suffering.  Join millions who want to know more about their blood test levels and health status now, without a visit to a doctor.  If your results are abnormal, then ask your medical provider about possible treatment options.  But for now, it is better to know something is not right, than to find out later, when it is too late!


Do you want to save even more? 

Order your low cost blood test online today and get a FREE Lab Draw Fee! (Save another $15.00)

Ready to ORDER?

Step 1)  Click Here to fill out your HIPPA Form first. (Make your best signature, then return to Step 2.

Step 2)  Select your blood test from the drop down menu.  Add To Cart and Continue Shopping to add more blood tests, or check out.

Step 3)  Wait for your Lab Order and List of Lab Locations near you to arrive by email within 24 hrs.

Step 4)  Go to your nearest lab location with your printed out Lab Form

Step 5)  Wait for your Lab Results to arrive by email in 2-3 days after you lab visit.


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Choose from the following Blood Tests to start your 6 Month Challenge now:

Anemia-check your hemoglobin levels to identify low iron levels, systemic infection or cancer.

Cholesterol-check your Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL and HDL to avoid a heart attack.

Diabetes-check your Hemoglobin A1c, the marker for your level of disease.

Kidney-check your Creatinine level and kidney function.

Liver-check your ALT to observe your liver function.  This blood test is important if you regularly take vitamins, medications, herbs, drugs, alcohol or if you have hepatitis C.

Pregnancy-check your blood HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a more accurate level of how your early pregnancy is progressing or regressing from a spontaneous abortion.  The blood test is more precise than a urine test.

Prostate-check your PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen, to observe your prostate function.  Elevated levels of this blood test can indicate if your prostate is enlarging in size, or if your risk for  prostate cancer is increasing.

Thyroid-check your TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level for signs of hypothyroidism.  

We will present you with a chart and a graph listing all of your blood test results to show you the pattern on how your body is dealing with any blood test level that you want to know more about.  Make sure your numbers are in the right direction to keep your good health, before it's too late!


6 Month Blood Test Challenge


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