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Order a blood test online without health insurance or a doctor online
Get your blood test online for only $59.99 without health insurance or a doctor online.


Use the drop down menu at the top of this page to select any one of these SINGLE blood tests for only $59.99, the lowest blood test prices available.  Save 70% off regular prices compared to paying your health insurance, doctor or hospital bill.

Also, all lab test orders will include a:


FREE lab draw fee! (Order now and save $30.00 more)

  • Alpha Fetal Protein Tumor Marker-Check your blood for signs of early cancer with a tumor marker.
  • CEA(Carcinoembryonic Antigen)- Check your own tumor marker, only if you already have any type of cancer and you need to check if the treatment is working.
  • C-Peptide Diabetes Type-Check your blood to find out if you have diabetes Type I or II
  • Folate (Folic Acid)-Check your folate level to find a cause of your anemia, malnutrition, neuropathy, celiac disease or malnutrition.
  • FSH Menopause Hormone-Check you sex hormone level for starting early or present menopause.



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    Click a price link below to see a list of other low cost Lab Tests Online available by prices that meet your budget.  Order now and save 70% off regular lab prices.  Healthy Check Up will help lower your overall health care costs.

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    Are you ever concerned about your health?

    Check to see if you may be at risk for getting one of the 10 Most Common Diseases With Their Signs And Symptoms




    You can now take more control of your health online.  Get access to your own health information and order YOUR OWN blood test online, WITHOUT health insurance or a doctor online!

    Repeat your lab test, as often as you would like, without a doctor's visit.  Stay informed about your health condition, particularly when taking long term medication, vitamins or following life style changes. 



    Imagine the convenience you will have when you:

    -Choose and Print your own blood test Lab Order at home, anytime.

    -Walk in to a local LabCorp Patient Lab Location NEAR your home.

    -Get your blood test results by email or mobile device within 3 days!



    You will be so happy to:

    -Save money without going and returning repeatedly to your doctor's office for a lab test.

    -Save time waiting for a long doctor's visit with inconvenient appointments.

    -Save on health care costs with our lower lab prices and no deductibles.


    Save Money

    You will not pay any tax or additional lab fees (Save $30.00 with us!).  You will walk out of the lab center, feeling satisfied and excited about:

    -Getting more control over your own "Self" healthcare choices.

    -Getting better personal attention immediately online to meet your healthcare needs.

    -Getting faster access to your blood test results, 2-3 days after you lab visit.


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    Here is what you get:

    When you order your lab test, we will email you:

    1. The Lab Order Form 

    2. A map and list of LabCorp Lab Locations that are very near your home.

    3. Your Lab Results in 2-3 days.


    Note: For release of personal information, all lab test orders require you to fill out a safe and secure Personal Healthy Information Consent / HIPAA Form (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

    For identity purposes, all lab test orders will require your namephone number and birth date, which MUST be printed on the lab order form, in order to identify you.  

    You can enter your name, phone number and birth date when you sign the electronic HIPAA form below.


    Ready to ORDER?

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    Step 2)  Select your blood test from the drop down menu.  Add to cart and check out.

    Step 3)  Wait for your Lab Order to arrive by email within 24 hrs.