Digital Devices To Check Your Vital Signs

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Product Description

What are the numbers of your vital signs?

Blood pressure?

Heart Rate?

Blood Oxygen Percentage?

Height and Weight?

Body Temperature?

View Your Heart Rhythm

Check your vital signs daily and keep a log.  Get a Do-It-YourSelf Health Report and enter your vital signs to personalize your health snapshot today!  Give yourself, or someone you love, one or all of our Digital Devices to help you know more about your health.  With a regular Healthy Check Up, you can live long and healthy!



All Digital Devices include FREE SHIPPING!

 Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometer with free bags

Gear District Thermometer $24.99



Pulse Oxygen Meters

Pulse oxygen meter for a health check up 



Blood Pressure Upper Arm Monitors

blood pressure monitor upper arm from Go Wise USA 

Go Wise USA $34.99


Blood pressure upper arm monitor 1ByOne

1ByOne $39.99



Blood Pressure Wrist Monitors

Blood pressure wrist monitor Ozeri BP2M

Ozeri BP2M $49.99



Mobile EKG On Your Cell Phone

Mobile EKG Heart Rhythm Monitor on your cell phone

Kardio Heart Rhythm Monitor $119.99



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Digital Devices For Your Vital Signs

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