Do-It-YourSelf Health Report Questionairre

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Check your own health online WITHOUT a doctor'visit  or health insurance.  With self-pay, we can provide your Self Health Care Online.  Got a specific body part or health problem? Put your symptoms down in writing to create your own health snapshot and better understand what may be wrong with you.  In addition, you can order a blood test online and go to your nearest local lab location.  

Start a Specific Do-It-YourSelf Health Report today for only $19.98 and get access to our Healthy Check Up Portal to see all of you lab results and and health reports that you have created.  It's easy!  Just fill out your questionnaire with the fun-to-fill drop down menu and we will organize your health data into a professionally written, customized Health Report, with your selfie at the top of the page.  Get your own health snapshot today!


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