Play With YourSelf And A Real Live Beating Heart

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Product Description

Play with YourSelf, a 3D digital human body part and watch a real live beating heart!  You will be amazed to see a real live digital heart in action, as you learn more about yourself, for only $9.99.

Take control of YourSelf and learn more about yourself now!  Enhance your learning experience and get to know YourSelf, up close and personal, with this AMAZING and UNIQUE 3D digital human interaction!  You will definitely appreciate your own human body parts, as you watch and learn more about yourself.  

Use the SPECIAL FEATURE BUTTONS to see how to control YourSelf, or click on any area of the body part to highlight it, and see the name of every detailed body part.
  •  Press KEYS, to show you which keyboard buttons move YourSelf, or simply play and explore YourSelf with your mouse on a computer or finger on a cell phone. 
  • Press DISECT, to work like a surgeon, by removing and opening body part layers so that you can look inside.  Hit the back arrow and return the body layers you removed back to the original spot. Press CROSS SECTION and literally take a digital CAT SCAN to view the body part in multiple layers and sections from any angle.

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