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Select your human body part or health problem of interest. 

Play with YourSelf, the name we gave this 3D digital human body that looks just like you.  Learn more about yourself, from head to toe, inside out, outside in, upside down and all around.  You can zoom in and zoom out, make YourSelf dance and spin around.  Now you can control YourSelf on your computer, with your mouse or finger on a cell phone, and you will be immediately AMAZED! Check YourSelf out with these highly technological advances and discover the fascinating world that exists deep within your own human body!

Get up and close with YourSelf, and choose among a variety of body part locations that can be purchased separately.  Explore YourSelf and learn about your body part in fine detail, like you have never known yourself before.  Depending on which health problem you have, you can select and purchase any Play With Yourself human body part from the drop-down menu, for only $9.99


Go ahead, have fun and Play With Yourself right now online!  See how easy it will be to learn more about yourself, with your own independent research about your own health problem, from anywhere and anytime, with Healthy Check Up Online!  


You can then choose and learn more about any specific body part that is related to your own health problem for only $9.99

See a list of other available body parts that you can purchase and begin to Play With YourSelf.  Click Here


Play With YourSelf right now online for FREE!

Instructions:  Control and move YourSelf with your computer mouse, or with a finger on your cellphone.  Left click and HOLD to turn, or use the wheel to zoom in and out.


See a list of other available body parts that pertain to your particular health problem and begin to Play With YourSelf for only $9.99.  Click Here


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$9.99 Play With YourSelf right now online

$9.99    Get A Basic Self Health Check Up

$19.99  Get A Specific Self Health Check Up

$24.99  Get A Complete Self Health Check Up and Play With YourSelf

$29.00 Order Your Own Blood Test Online Without Your Doctor.  See List of Blood Tests.


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