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What’s Foods Are Raising Your Cholesterol

At Healthy Check Up, we have worked hard to create a quick and easy way to check your own cholesterol blood test online, that you can order from home. When you receive these results, you may notice that your cholesterol levels are a little higher than what you thought. While life changes might seem intimidating at first, the overall health benefits that you’ll see will prove to be rewarding. In an effort to lower your cholesterol levels, here are a few foods that you can stay away from to spark a drop in your cholesterol.

Steak & Burgers

These dinner favorites are some of the foods that are highest in cholesterol. A classic burger with bacon, dressings and other toppings added can have upwards of 150 mg of cholesterol included. We are by no means telling you that you need to start cutting these delicious meets out of your diet, but are saying that it might be better to stick to just a standard burger rather than going all out.


While eggs are a great form of protein, they are also a main contributor to high cholesterol levels. Considering these are one of the healthier breakfast options, we figured the best way to still enjoy eggs without upping your cholesterol level would be by balancing the other foods that you’re having for breakfast. That means minimizing the meats and dairy products that you’re pairing with your eggs so that you can enjoy your eggs, while still balancing your cholesterol.

Each of these food items contribute to a higher cholesterol level, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be cut out entirely. The best thing to remember is that every food can be enjoyed so long as it’s in moderation. If you are planning on enjoying one of these foods that are high in cholesterol for a meal, just make sure that the rest of your meals are moderate. Thanks for checking into the Healthy Eating blog, make sure to check back soon for more helpful tips on your self health care.

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