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Healthy Check Up is a unique do-it-yourself, Self Health Care Online service that is "personal" to your self health care needs.  We are not a walk-in clinic, but a "Click-In Clinick" online, consisting of a team of dedicated members that work together to give you the best customer service.  Our mission is to give you immediate access to your own health information from home or a mobile device, without a doctor's visit, because checking your own health from home is more affordable, convenient and immediately done today.  With Healthy Check Up, our low cost fees are pre-paid, so there is no need for an appointment or even health insurance.  We let you choose from a variety of Self Health Care Check Ups or Low Cost Blood Tests that you can now order yourself online, right now!

As a professional health expert with a master's degree in Preventative Medicine, PA Ralph Miranda is the founder and CEO of Healthy Check Up, a do-it-yourself, self-health care online service, and he is currently keeping up to date on modern medicine, as an actively practicing family and emergency room medical provider.  A devoted pet owner himself, Rafael knows the importance about staying health for the good sake of his pets, who need his care and attention for their own well being.  Along with a caring staff, we provide you over 20 years of experience in preventative health care experience and patient-driven customer service satisfaction.  We we are dedicated to helping you stay healthy and aware of a preventable illness, by giving you quick access and attention to your health information, so that you can live longer and healthier!  

Healthy pet owners have healthy pets.

Have you ever been to a doctor’s visit and wished you could see the other side of the visit, that is, what the doctor wrote on the clipboard or typed on the computer...about you?   Now you can see it, and better yet, even keep the health note too!  We will gather all of your health data, from answers that you provide to us on our fun-to-fill health questionnaires, and we will then give you a well written health report, or Self Health Note, with a summary about you, obtained from your own answers. 

Simply select from a variety of health problem questionnaires available, and click through our fun-to-fill, Self Health Care Questionnaires online, with the exact same questions that a doctor would ask you.  We will organize your answers and help you find out as many details about your present health condition or problem.

Do you have a health problem that you can’t exactly describe in words?  Let us put it down in writing for you, so that you can thoroughly see your health symptoms on paper, which will help you better understand and explain your health problem to others.  We will gather all of your health data and then give you a Self Health Note, just like one that a doctor would do for you at his office.  But instead, you get to keep the health note with a summary of your own self-reported health data and self-physical exam findings, at home or on your mobile device, instead of the doctor's office!  

Is your Selfie Healthie?  Don't forget to add your selfie, so that we can put it on the front page of your Self Health Note. Go ahead, show off your picture of good health!

When you need to find out quick and easy online answers to your health problems or concerns, we have taken out the PAIN of waiting for a long doctor's visit, taking time off from work for a visit, rescheduling missed appointments, spending travel time, paying higher unnecessary health care costs and wasting hours of frustration by searching unspecific health information online.  Our mission is to provide you a new and unique self-health care service online, to give you much needed vital health information about yourself right now, that is fast and affordable, detailed and personal, and available from home, or on your mobile device.

Most healthy people do not want expensive, unnecessary, cumbersome, long awaited medical visits and tests, or simply do not have the time or even a real need to visit an expensive medical healthcare facility.  Get the personal health attention, answers and affordable care you need to check your own health from home, or on your mobile device today! Your health is important, and you should NOT wait to get vital health information about yourself, that may affect or change your life. Save time, money and your health from home with a HEALTHY CHECK UP.

Check your own health WITHOUT your doctor!  Get a Self Health Check Up online,  as an initial work up from home for your health problem or concern.  If a diagnosis or treatment is needed, you will be a highly informed patient with valuable personal health information in your hand, to take to your licensed medical provider, if needed. We also provide low cost blood tests online for only $35.00.  Choosing a lab test can be confusing and expensive, but we make it simple and easy to select ANY lab test for only $35.00 each.  These are the same lab tests that your doctor could order for you, but at a much lower, upfront, pre-paid price of $35.00.  There are no hidden costs and all blood tests include a FREE lab draw.  Our lab partners have a "Lab Doctor" that will provide you the "Lab Order", so that you can get your "Lab Test" whenever YOU want it.  

Get a Self Health Note with a blood test today and check yourself for early or advanced signs of cancer, diabetes, heart and thyroid disease.  An apple-a-day no longer keeps the doctor away!  Check your health for an unexpected illness trying to sneak up on you, so that you and your doctor can do something about it now, before it's too late!

Despite regular annual doctor check ups, people are acquiring early detectable diseases and some suffer long medical treatments, or die before their time.  This means that an annual doctor's visit is simply NOT ENOUGH and you will benefit from more frequent Self Health Check Ups!  Some cancers develop within 3-6 months, and take your life before you can stop it.  This is why it is so important to be proactive about your health and take advantage of a Healthy Check Up, to see if you have any immediate or detectable health risks right now. 

Healthy Check Up headquarters is located in located in northern California, and we have been selling our unique health products, since 2008.  You can find our social links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, by clicking the social networks on our homepage.      

Join the "health club" and get more details about your own health with a Healthy Check Up today!

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