How It Works

How healthy are you?  Good healthcare comes from good health information, in good time, with good results on your blood test.  Healthy Check Up, is a Self Health Care Online service that now offers you a simple way to order a blood test online, for as low as, $39.99!   Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. Find out what is going on inside of your body to detect an unexpected illness or disease early, before it's too late. You can now order your own medical lab test online, WITHOUT your doctor!  Check yourself for possible early or advanced signs of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease for only $39.99. 

We will email you the 1) Lab order, 2) your nearest LabCorp Lab Location nationwide, and then get your 3) Lab results in 3 days!   Join millions who want to know more about their health status.