Employee Wellness Program

Is your workforce healthy?

Empower your employees with a healthy lifestyle via Healthy Check Up

A healthy workforce is a motivated workforce that appreciates immediate preventative health care.  Promote greater productivity and employee satisfaction with our advanced corporate wellness program that provides your employee’s with immediate health promotion and preventative health services online. 

When it comes to early disease detection, most people wait until they actually start to have symptoms, or make weak excuses as to why they do not seek preventative health care sooner.  Prolonged preventative health care is often due to employees simply not wanting to go to a doctor’s visit, or give up waiting for long-scheduled medical appointments, up to 3-4 months away.  The outcome results in more employees getting sick and taking costly time off from work. 

Our solution is a direct consumer approach, where we initially encourage our members to override the traditional medical care visit, and instead, get an immediate health check online, that is faster, cheaper and available anytime they want from home.  Members go to a local lab location, and the lab results are emailed directly to each member in 2 days, without a doctor’s visit.  With a periodic healthy check up online, your employees will want to stay healthy and become even more motivated to diet and exercise, as they challenge themselves to see their lab results improve on a bar graph, comparing their numbers.

Healthy Check Up is dedicated to empowering individuals take more control over their health care options.  Revolutionizing the preventative healthcare sector, we offer quick, easy, and affordable self-health care online services.

Our Employee Wellness Program for organizations include a choice of packages that help you cater to the immediate health care concerns of your employees.  We offer customized, personal health reports, access to personal electronic health record accounts, and we provide blood test orders online that can detect early disease or monitor chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cholesterol or thyroid disease.  

Join the growing business wellness trend, and allow your employees to check their own health from home, and not on company time, in order to promote greater health awareness and early disease prevention.  From self-assessment to health education, we offer everything that will help your employees find out if they are really healthy, learn to stay healthy and find out when to take appropriate measures in time, to keep healthy.

Promoting wellness is our passion, and we do it in the most affordable manner. By enrolling in our Employee Wellness Program, your employees will save 70% of regular lab prices, compared to the health insurance fees charged by their doctor’s office or hospital.  In addition, we also include a FREE lab draw fee ($30.00 value) with a choice of over 4000+ local LabCorp locations nationwide in the USA. 

Our wellness programs offer affordable Do-It-Your-Self Health Report packages available through your self-funded plan, without a need for health insurance or a doctor’s visit.  A Healthy Check Up consists of the most important blood tests needed to detect organ health and chronic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart or thyroid disease.  The lab results will be returned directly to each person, along with a custom and personalized Self-Health Report that includes their own health data, along with educational material to enhance their own health knowledge. 

Empower your employees to take charge of their health before it’s too late.  Request a corporate quote to start building and maintaining your healthy workforce today!