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Our Doctor Assistant's are now working to register your information and create your Lab Order Form.

We will automatically create a Quest Lab Appointment for you, with your nearest lab location.  If needed, you can then change the appointment time and date, after you get the appointment email from Quest Labs.

QUEST Lab Appointment Scheduling Information

Note:  We only use Quest Labs.  Please look for a Quest Lab Location near you. 

(On a rare occasion, we may use LabCorp Labs, but this is not a buyer's option.)  

Scheduled  appointments are strongly encouraged and will receive priority. If you walk in to the lab WITHOUT an appointment, you will have to wait for the next available opening, behind those people that DO HAVE an appointment.  Same-day lab service cannot be guaranteed.

You can go to your lab visit as a walk-in.  If you need to change your appointment, we recommend that you schedule it one week in advance, to make sure you get the appointment time you want, and get ahead-of-the-line privilege.



1) Wait between 2-12 hours from now to get your Lab Order Form by email.  

2) Check your email inbox to find an email message from our partner: ULTA LAB TESTS.  

3) You will also get a Lab Appointment email notification at a nearest Quest Lab Location near you. You can follow the email instructions on the Quest Lab Appointment to change the date and time, or keep the same appointment.

4) Print your Lab Order Form and take it with you to the lab location that will appear on your Lab Order Form

5) You can go to any Quest Lab Location, but we will automatically enter your nearest lab location, on your Lab Order Form.       

6) After your lab visit, you will get your lab results online from ULTA LAB TESTS, in 2-3 days.

Note: You do not need to ask us to change your Quest Lab Location, since your Lab Order Form will be accepted at all Quest Labs.

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Lab Results Meter
Lab Results

You will be so excited, when you get to see your lab results online.

Your Lab Results

Your lab test results will be sent back directly to you!


Age Restriction

 Personal Identification Required

For identity purposes, all lab test orders will require your namephone number and D.O.B. This personal information MUST be printed on the lab order form, in order to identify you.  Please take your identification card to your lab visit, such as a driver's license, or an ID card that has your Name and D.O.B.

State Restrictions:

Sorry, but online lab test orders are not allowed in these states: New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Rhode Island (RI).  You cannot order any labs online, if you live in any of these 3 states, because their laws do not permit it yet.




Lab Locations InThe USA

Lab Techs

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Meet a friendly lab attendant

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    Step 3)  Go to your nearest lab location with your printed out Lab Form.  We will make your lab appointment asap, but you can change it.

    Get your Lab Results online, in only 2-3 days!



    It Is Safe And Secure:

    You will have a personal password account to view, print, or download your lab results.

    Lab Results Fast.


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