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Get A Deluxe Self Health Check Up, Play With YourSelf - Abdomen and a Comprehensive Blood Test Online, allows you to enter your own health data on a fun-to-fill electronic health questionnaire with the same questions that your doctor would ask you at an office visit.  The difference is that you get to keep your own health information and store it for your own records, instead of leaving it at your doctor's office.  You can then look it up online from anywhere and anytime with a Healthy Check Up, self health care online!

Our online self-health care system is a very convenient, online secure, password-protected and HIPAA-protected. This self health care online software program will immediately organize your health information today. Your consumer rights for electronic transmission of private and personal information online is very important to us, and so we protect your privacy rights by offering this secure and protected system online, in order to help you gather your health data safely and securely.  We only store your health data when you purchase a Specific or Complete Self Health Check Up, and you can remove your health data whenever you want to, just by requesting that we delete your account from the Healthy Check Up Portal.


What's included: Part I , Part II and Part III

  1. Your choice of any listed body part or health problem you want learn about.
  2. Two health questionnaires: A Basic and a Complete Self Health Check Up questionnaires that are fun-to-fill with a drop down menu of answer choices.
  3. A copy of your self-reported health data with the same questions that your doctor would ask you.
  4. A professionally written Self Health Note about your own health data and physical exam findings.
  5. A selfie of yourself, your pet or a non-obscene body part that we will put on your Self Health Note.
  6. Access to your own password protected Personal Health Record available to you 24/7 through the Healthy Check Up Portal.
  7. Access to unlimited storage of all of your Self Health Information and Forms that you create online, with Healthy Check Up.
  8. Access to our HIPAA-protected, Healthy Check Up Portal, to store your labs and health notes.
  9. A safe and secure method of communication online with our friendly staff, to transmit health data.
  10. A 3D interactive human body experience where you can learn while you Play With Yourself, a matching human body part to your health problem.
  11. A Comprehensive Blood Test Online, lab order, your nearest lab location and lab results in 2-3 days after your lab visit.