Covid-19 At Home Test Kit

Do you have the CORONAVIRUS?

Find out on your own, without a doctor's visit!

Only $199.99 

(Test kits are limited and you need to get in line, while test supplies last!)

Covid-19 Home Test Kit


This Covid-19 test kit is used worldwide and CLIA-Waived and FDA approved.


Do-It-Yourself and Save! 

This is a lot faster and cheaper than the cost of a doctor's visit or emergency room visit.  Most patient's get billed for $499.99 - $699.99 out-of-pocket.

Get an At Home Covid-19 Test Kit and check yourself at home.  Don't get left out and wait weeks for a test that other people cannot get.

This test is super EASY!  All instructions will be provided to you.

No need for a doctor's visit or sitting in a waiting room with other sick people. 

This test will check for antibodies in your body that are produced, after getting an infection with Covid-19. 

It is a 100% accurate test that will give a result and let you know if you are positive or negative.

If positive, you will be contacted by an independent online doctor in the USA, to inform you on what to do next, at no extra charge.  We want to help you! 

Available for all ages!


How It Works:

1) Collect your specimen at home.

2) Mail back to the lab (Free Shipping)

3) Get your results online in 5-7 days!


Do You Need A Covid-19 Test? 

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Covid 19 Home Test Kit

Coronavirus Home Test Kit

Hopefully, you will NOT have the Coronavirus.


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