E-Book On Cholesterol

You Could Be At Risk For High Cholesterol And Heart Disease, Even If You Feel Healthy As A Horse! My Internet Friend, Did you know that more than half of all Americans are at risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease caused by high cholesterol? It's absolutely true! How do I know? Because I'm one of them! Who am I? Just a regular everyday American housewife. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a medical expert. But I am suffering from high cholesterol with an increased risk of developing CHD because of it. I'm not a senior citizen. I'm not a teenager. I'm a 34 year old, slightly overweight woman. But, having high cholesterol can start in your 20's! Until a recent visit to my family doctor, I had no clue what my cholesterol level was, nor did I care! But a simple blood screening revealed that my cholesterol level had risen to dangerous heights and if I didn't do something about it soon, I could become very ill very quickly. Maybe even be headed to an early grave! My cholesterol level was a whopping 241! When I saw the chart the doctor gave me and what my cholesterol should be, my jaw almost hit the floor!! I could not believe it was so high, and didn't understand how I had become so careless with my eating habits so quickly. Believe me, it's really easy to do. So I began reading up on cholesterol, what it was, and how it affects the human body. What I found was shocking! I thought, if me, a 34 year old mother of six who had been healthy most of her life, had no idea about how important maintaining a healthy cholesterol level was, and is, then most likely lots of others didn't either. Honestly, when you sit down to eat your meals, are you thinking about how much saturated fat is inside that heaping plate of food? Me either. I just want to eat it! With our busy lifestyles, Americans are always looking for a "short-cut". Even when it comes to what we eat. That's when we begin to elevate our cholesterol levels by picking up a quick burger here and there, upsizing that meal, and having a quick milkshake. The choice to eat "wrong" is engrained into our lives as children with the catchy t.v. commercial ads and tasty morsels the fast food companies serve up. So, I put together this simple guide to educate you on just what cholesterol is and what level yours should be at to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've also thrown in some delicious and nutritious recipes that will help to lower your cholesterol level without the need to count calories as an added bonus to help you get on the right track! Yours as a free gift just for ordering my informative guide. Are you willing to take the chance that your cholesterol level is within the "normal range" without really knowing for sure? Or without knowing what the "normal range" even is?! I encourage you, if you are overweight, eat lots of fried foods, or eat unhealthy junk food a lot, to order this ebook. It's full of wonderful information that will help you to understand why your cholesterol level is so important and how it affects your overall health. Plus, with the 2 free extra gifts I've included, it will be super easy to drop those unwanted pounds! Don't take a chance. Get the ebook. Read it. Talk to your personal physician about checking your cholesterol level and getting healthy. Before it's too late!