Health Insurance Alternative

Can your health wait until you have more affordable health insurance?


Get an immediate health check and blood test online without the need of health insurance or a doctor online today!

Health care costs are rising, and immediate access to medical care is shrinking, so you need to explore a private health insurance alternative that is now available and more affordable.   Healthy Check Up is a solution to your dilemma, where you can now get immediate, personalized and high-quality health information online. 

This unique online program is simple: save time, money and your health with self-pay and self-health care online.  Take more control over your health care decisions, because your health does not have to wait anymore for your health insurance approvals, fear of high co-pay doctor fees, or long waits to get a lab test for routine health check-ups.  Stay up-to-date with what’s happening to your body by obtaining a healthy checkup online and without having to pay any high-cost marketplace insurance fees.

Our self-pay service is specially designed for people who choose not to enter the marketplace exchange to buy health insurance, and would prefer to pay the annual ACA fine instead.  If you do not have any employment health insurance, you might be looking for health care exchanges to buy health insurance online.  However, if you dislike the idea of buying health insurance and choose not to shop the marketplace exchange, you can conveniently consider paying the annual ACA fine instead, which is approximately $695.  But you should not sit idle waiting for an unexpected illness to sneak up on you when you can at least get a healthy check up online, starting at only $9.99.

We help those without health insurance to get their own, lower cost, self-health care online.  Emerging as an alternative to the rising health care costs online, we believe in giving you absolute freedom to stay updated with your health status. Our health check-up tests are the lowest prices in the market, costing you only $24.99, for a blood test online.   We even offer a FREE lab draw fee, saving you an additional $15.00 per lab visit.   Our lab partners have over 4000 lab locations nationwide in the USA, and there is often more than one lab location to choose from, near you.  Save up to 70% off the regular lab cost prices, when compared to what health insurances charge at a doctor's office or hospital.

Healthy Check Up also offers a Do-It-Your-Self Health Report, which is a personally customized snapshot of your health that helps you detect early signs of a preventative illness, such as cancer, diabetes, heart or thyroid disease.  You will get your own password-protected account to access your electronic health record online, that is also safe and secure with HIPAA protection.  Our Healthy Check Up portal is available 24/7, where you can look up, print, and download your health profile, your health notes, and your lab results, anytime from anywhere with self-health care online.

Get more control on your health with Healthy Check Up. We offer quick, easy, and affordable self-health care services online when you do not need or want to see a doctor.