Individual Health Program

When was your last Healthy Check Up?

Take more control of your health care choices with self-health care online!

Are you worried about the diminishing health care options, lack of access to care and rising health-care costs? Have you been delaying your routine checkup because of lack of time, unaffordable health insurance or fear of high doctor’s premium fees?  Wait no more. Healthy Check Up offers a convenient and affordable solution that will give you more health care options, immediate access to self-health care online and lower your health-care costs.

Our Individual Health Program lets you decide when to order a blood test online and when to create a Do-it-Your-Self Health Report that is custom and personalized for you.  You can now order your own blood test online to check your cholesterol, liver function or testosterone levels.  See if you are close to getting an unexpected illness like cancer, diabetes, heart, or thyroid disease. 

We provide the lowest prices for a blood test online, starting at only $24.99 in the USA.  Find out if your diet or exercise is really doing your body good!  Watch your blood test levels with a colorful bar graph that will compare your recent blood test results.  Are your blood test results going up or down? 

We will organize your health data, your lab results and help you create your own Self Health Report, starting at only $19.99.  You will then be able to access our cloud portal health record system, where you can store and retrieve your health information, just like at a doctor’s office.  The difference is that now you get to keep your health data, instead of leaving it at your doctor’s office. 

Healthy Check Up believes in empowering every individual with more control and more decisions over their health care options.  With self-pay, you do not need health insurance or a doctor’s visit; you now have the freedom to get self-health care online. 

Healthy Check Up is not a substitute for your doctor’s care or need for medical services.  But if you want to check your own health online and get personal information about your health condition or problem, our health promotion and disease prevention program will help you detect, or prevent an unexpected illness before it’s too late.

With self-pay, we help individuals with or without health insurance to get low cost, self-health care online today.  We have the lowest prices for a blood test online at only $24.99, and it includes a FREE lab visit fee for an additional savings of $30.00!  There are over 4000+ lab locations nationwide in the USA, and more than one near you.  Our many lab-vendor contracts, allow us to pass the savings down to you!

Join millions who want to know more about their health without a doctor’s visit, and learn how to stay healthy, in order to avoid paying rising health care costs.  Start your Individual Health Program right now and begin to promote your own health and wellness with a Healthy Check Up today!