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Please read the Medical Health Information Release and HIPAA form below, so that you can grant us the ability to handle your personal health information safely online.

Electronically sign the form and enter the date.  For laboratory identification purposes, please provide your phone number and birthdate on the bottom of the HIPAA form, found on the link below.  Your personal information must be written on your lab order and will be confirmed by the lab technician at your lab location visit.  Your personal information will be safe, secure and protected under the stated HIPAA law.  Once completed, you will be able to download a copy of this HIPAA form, and we will then begin to process your Lab Order.  

You will soon get an email with a copy of your Lab Order, and Lab Locations near you, so that you can print the Lab Order and take it to your nearest LabCorp Patient Lab Draw Station.  Your lab results will be available 2-3 days after your lab specimen was received, and we will notify you when the results are ready by email.  You will be given instructions to create your account and a personal password to our Healthy Check Up Portal, where you will be able to log in and print your lab results, safely and securely, online.   

Please look for an email from customerservice@healthycheckup.com, where we will attach a temporary password, give you instructions to change it to your personal password, and then grant you access to our Healthy Check Up Portal

Our Healthy Check Up Portal is an online program that is safe and secure, HIPAA protected, and it will allow you to communicate with us, via electronic messages, where we can jointly send and transmit any health related questions, health data, lab results or health notes, privately online.  

We look forward to providing you the best personal service with Healthy Check Up, Self Health Care Online.  Please invite your friends and family to check their own health with us too!


Please enter your birthdate and sign the electronic HIPAA Form on the link below.  Once completed, we will begin to process your lab order.

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