Self Health Care Club Plans

Join our Self Health Care Club and get all of the health information on health conditions and diseases from A-Z, that you need to check your health, yourself. Select which plan you want at an affordable price with different options for everyone!

Plan A - A healthy annual membership to our Self Health Care Club, where you can get valuable health information on how to save money with your own self health care.  You will get a password to join the club and immediately access our LARGE Health Library, so that you can check your own health problems with articles, videos, healthy food recipes, health tips, a health encyclopedia with health problems from A-Z and many other FREE Bonus Features.  You will also get a text password, in order to pin up of your best selfie on our Selfie Healthie Board-all for only $9.99   Click Here to Join Now - Worldwide


Plan B - A healthy annual membership that includes all of Plan A above AND an immediate download copy of your own Personal Medical Record where you can enter all of your personal medical information and test results-just like a doctor's office, but you get to keep this with you at home or on your mobile device at all times for only $29.99. (Save 25% off the regular price for the PMR and Club Membership)      

Free Bonus: Order now and immediately download My Own Health Advisor for Men or My Own Health Advisor for Women a Health e-Book that you can personalize and enter your own blood test results to compare and see how close they are to the normal, borderline or abnormal that will also indicate your health status-all for only $29.99.   Click Here to Join Now - Worldwide


Plan C (Only available in the USA). A healthy annual membership that includes Plan A + Plan B above AND any medical BLOOD TEST of your choice, anytime in the USA, for only $49.99. (Save 33% off regular prices). Blood tests are only available in the USA.  Choose to check your Cholesterol, Thyroid, Testosterone, Liver, Kidneys, White blood cells, Pregnancy blood test, Vitamin levels and more!   Check yourself for possible signs of caner, diabetes, heart disease, low libido, prostate or thyroid disease, before it's too late-all for only $49.99  Click Here to Join Now in the USA Only

Tell your friends, family or co-workers, so that they can SIGN UP to get their membership password and privileges too, by joining the Self Health Care Club today!