Self-Health Note Online

What is a Self-Health Note Online and how does it benefit me?


A Self-Health Note Online, is a self-reported health note by our clients, that is similar to a medical clinic Patient Progress Note, completed by a medical provider, after a medical visit.  After the medical encounter, a patient does not get a copy of the medical provider's summary, but rather, the patient will only get a set of papers that includes simple discharge information with some patient education.  All of your written personal health information stays with the medical provider, and if you have more than one provider, you may leave a lot of health information at different clinic locations.

The difference with a Self-Health Note Online is that:

1)  YOU get to create and fill in the details of this note, without a doctor,

2)  YOU can complete it from your home or cell phone, and

3)  YOU get to keep all of the health information, instead of the doctor, or clinic location.


Self Health Note 


Your Selfie Attached

Past Medical History

Family Medical History

Allergy List

Current Medication List

Vaccination Record

Social History   

An understanding of past and current activities that includes significant information like Marital Status, Occupational History, Hobbies, Addictions, Activities etc.

Vital Sign Indicators       

These include the Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature.

History of Present Illness            

A description of the patient’s present illness from the first sign and/or symptom to the present.

Review of Systems         

An examination of body systems seeking to identify signs and/or symptoms that the patient may be experiencing or has experienced.

Physical Exam    Detailed Examination of the body parts.

Lab Tests             The various laboratory tests, when ordered separately.

Self Reported Health Information Summary

Patient Education



In addition, your Self-Health Note Online will allow you to take control of your own health information, provide you with a health snapshot on one page and make all of your health information available to you anytime and anywhere.  Share it with your family, friends or medical provider.

The Self-Health Note Online will allow you to:

1)  Organize and describe your health problem in detail,

2)  Review the body systems related to your problem,

3)  Enter your own self-physical exam findings,

4)  Get any lab results taken with the normal ranges,

5)  Attach your selfie on the note to make it personal to you.


Are you tired of getting way too much online health information that almost always does not pertain to your specific health problem?  Self Health Care Online has increased your access to more specific and personal online health information pertaining to you, with a Self-Health Note Online.  You can now see and keep all of your own answers to health questions and your own entries to past medical history, family medical history, vaccination history, surgery history, lab results, your self-physical exam findings and any other self reported health information on your health note.  Your personal health information will be easy to insert with a list of drop down choices and answers provided.

In these days, it is more common to hear about a relative, friend or acquaintance getting some awful illness that could have been detected sooner, rather than later.  But, because of a long list of reasons that medical care was not obtained sooner, we feel hopeless and sorry about their bad news.  Don't let this happen to you!.  

Although the Self-Health Note Online will not diagnose or treat any medical conditions, it will gather your responses and lead you to make your own focused conclusions, suggest a blood test or direct you to more online information, that may help you determine if you should seek medical attention, sooner than than later.  For immediate medical attention to non-emergent medical symptoms, we recommend that you look for any of the many online doctor services, that can treat simple medical problems and order medications to your local pharmacy. 

In summary, the Self-Health Note Online will help you clearly list, see and identify your health problems, symptoms and medical history, that may or may not point to a set of symptoms related to a particular medical condition, such as cancer, diabetes, heart or thyroid disease.  Hopefully, most of your answers will point to your good health!  

If needed you may then download or print your health note and take it to your doctor for a diagnosis and/or treatment.   With the Self-Health Note Online, you will no longer forget important bits of information to tell your medical provider at medical visit, which are often remembered, after the visit.  Like many satisfied customers, your medical provider will also be impressed with your organized and well prepared list of detailed health information, that you will have in your Self-Health Note Online.    

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