Self Health Portal

Have you ever been curious to see what your doctor or medical provider is looking at on the other side of your chart, clipboard, or computer screen?  It is YOUR information and you should should have TOTAL access to your health information.  Now you can!  

The Self Health Portal allows you to keep, update and look at your own Personal Health Record online or with your mobile device.  Keep all of your health information at home, or on your phone and available during any medical office or emergency room visit.  

We we email you a temporary password to log into the Self Health Porta, and after creating your personal password, you will be able to see all of your safe and secure, HIPAA protected health information, lab results and all of your Self Health Note summaries online, anytime.  You can then print or download your Self Health Notes anytime, anywhere.

Once you have completed entering all of your answers on the Self Health History Form, you will be able to print it or download it for your records, or share it with your friends and family, or simply compare it to any changes to your health or any future orders of our Self Health Check Up.

Our online self-health care system is a very convenient, secured, password-protected and a HIPAA-Protected Self Health Care Online Program that will immediately gather your health information today. Your consumer rights for electronic transmission of private and personal information online is very important to us, and so we protect your privacy rights by offering this secure and protected system online, in order to help you gather your health data safely and securely.  We only store your health data when you purchase a Specific or Complete Self Health Check Up, and you can remove your health data whenever you want to, just by requesting in writing that we delete your account from the Self Health Portal.


It's as simple as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1  Choose your health problem or body part location

Step 2  Create your Personal Health Record and password. 

Step 3  Attach your selfie, so that you can see it on your Self Health Note summary.

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