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Home Blood Tests: What’s the Next Step?

In a time when there is uncertainty and anxiety surrounding medical care and health insurance, many people are looking for affordable ways to acquire health care. One way to decrease your medical bill is by performing blood tests from the comfort of your own home.

Selfie Healthy provides a unique online Self Health Care experience, allowing you to order a variety of blood tests and have the kits shipped directly to your home. Many people many people don't have the time or money to visit a doctor. Visits can take you away from your job or your family for hours at a time, and lab test results can take weeks. You can save yourself some time and money by performing these tests at home.

Next Steps

So you have ordered your home blood test--now what happens? After you perform the test, you will ship it to us for analysis, which we will then provide to you. We do our best to provide you with results that are easy to read and to understand so that you can move ahead with knowledge. But your health journey shouldn’t stop there. As tempting as it is to self-diagnose, you should always share your results with your physician. Doctors are highly trained to assess symptoms and analyze test results. They may see something that you won’t, and they can recommend the best course of action. They are also versed in the testing process, and can more readily identify potential problems or issues with the test that negate its validity. They can then reschedule the test or provide you with reasons why tests need to be ruled out when considering your overall health. What’s more, if there is a serious issue you should be worried about, a doctor will be able to recommend you to the appropriate specialist.

At home blood tests can certainly be a useful tool. But it is also important to recognize that the common person isn’t a vetted and highly trained medical professional. So be sure to share the results of your Selfie Healthy home blood tests with your doctor, and get yourself on track to the healthiest version of you.

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