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What Not To Eat Before Checking Cholesterol

Blood tests are able to break down a sequence of health issues, but waiting for the results or having to go back into the doctor's office can make blood tests for cholesterol a hassle. At Selfie Healthie, we believe in quick and easy results that provide you with everything that you need to know, right in the comfort of your home. One of the home blood tests that we offer looks deeper into your cholesterol. If this is one of the LDL blood tests that you’re planning on ordering, it’s important that you know that cholesterol results can be greatly affected by the meal that you eat ahead of time. Below are a few of the foods that you should...

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Prince Died Too Early...Are You At Risk For An Early Death Too?


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Good health is the secret to a long life, unless tragedy strikes.  But there are more people who die from preventable illnesses like the flu, cancer, diabetes and a heart attack, who could have detected the illness in it's early stages.  In these days, an apple per day or visit to your doctor for an annual check is just NOT enough!  The shortage of doctor's, long waiting lines for an appointment and the increasing health care costs most likely will discourage many people to not get a health check more often, and many will die early because they could not detect an illness in it's early stage.  


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Sumo Wrestlers Race for Health | Check YOUR health online with a Blood Test Store

How Healthy Are You? Watch Sumo wrestlers race for their health.  Get your own blood test to find out how healthy YOU are.  Order your own blood test online WITHOUT your doctor for $35.00  Find out about your health online today, before it is too late!  Check your cholesterol, liver, thyroid, testosterone, PSA, vitamin levels and more for only $35.00.... and get a FREE Lab Fee! The Blood Test Store will email you your Lab Order, a list of your nearest Lab Locations and then your Lab results in 3 days!   See our list and choose your blood test now!

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