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What Not To Eat Before Checking Cholesterol

Blood tests are able to break down a sequence of health issues, but waiting for the results or having to go back into the doctor's office can make blood tests for cholesterol a hassle. At Selfie Healthie, we believe in quick and easy results that provide you with everything that you need to know, right in the comfort of your home. One of the home blood tests that we offer looks deeper into your cholesterol. If this is one of the LDL blood tests that you’re planning on ordering, it’s important that you know that cholesterol results can be greatly affected by the meal that you eat ahead of time. Below are a few of the foods that you should definitely stay away from before you get your at home blood test completed.

Excessive Amounts of Sugar

It is best to avoid any foods or drinks that are high in sugar, calories and fat. The triglycerides that will be used in your cholesterol test are extremely sensitive to these substances and can affect the way that your results come through. If you are aware that your cholesterol is going to be high from the get go, then it’s best to stay away from these foods and see what your cholesterol looks like without them in your diet to provide you with a crisp and unaffected test result to work off of.


While your test results could be slightly affected by the foods with excessive sugars, calories and fat, your results will certainly be affected by any alcohol. We suggest avoiding alcohol for at least 24 hours before taking a cholesterol blood test. Alcohol has a strong correlation to cardiovascular diseases because of it’s ingredients, which make it one of the primary suspects for poor cholesterol results.

Aside from these two foods, we do suggest maintaining your regular diet so that the results that you get back from your at home blood test provide you with accurate information you can base life changes on. Our goal is to get you to a healthier state and a place where you can honestly feel comfortable with where you are. Cholesterol levels could contribute to your health in the long run, so having it checked is only being proactive with your resources. Check out the different products on Selfie Healthie and do everything in your power to get back to a healthy place in life.

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