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Your Standard Health Checkup

I once had a friend that said he refused to go to the doctor because of the inevitability of something else being wrong the older he got. While I understand that the lifestyle of prescription pills and high cholesterol levels isn’t ideal, I can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t fully aware and conscious of what was going on with my body. At Selfie Healthie, we take the results of a doctor’s office straight to your home, making each and every bit of news just a little bit more personal.

One of the primary packages that we offer is for a self health check up, and while it may seem like something incredibly quick and far too easy, there are quite a few reasons that you should be taking a self health checkup.


The purpose behind any check up is to provide you with insight on where your health is headed moving forward. Whether it be a cholesterol blood test or a general health panel that you’re reviewing, the results that you receive will allow for you to not only gain a better understanding of your health, but to create a plan of action moving forward from there.


With the self checkup package by Selfie Healthie, it’s incredibly easy to get your check up completed and sent in to receive the results that you need to determine what life changes you need to make to end up back on top. These are the same results that a typical doctor appointment will provide, but with less hassle. Our team has all of the equipment, experience and knowledge that you need to improve your health, without ever having to step into a doctor’s office.

Your health is not better left unknown. Order your self checkup package from Selfie Healthie today and get started with the life changes that you need.

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