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Vitamins People Are Most Frequently Deficient In

While our bodies are all different, there are certain vitamins that we all feed off of. As a whole, we all hear about vitamins that we ought to increase intake of, but there are particular ones that a majority of society is lacking. At Selfie Healthie, we want to provide you with quick and efficient tools to determine if your health is in a good place. Below are the nutrients that people are most commonly deficient in and ways that you can notice the signs before it spirals out of control.

Vitamin D

Considering that vitamin D comes from the sun, you’d think there would be less people deficient, but it’s actually the opposite. Vitamin D is a crucial factor for healthy bones, muscles, energy and happiness. While it isn’t necessarily a “happiness vitamin”, vitamin D does spark serotonin levels and enhance energy, making every day a little brighter. Taking supplements is a great option for getting all the vitamin D you need, but this could also be a great reason to spend a little more time out in the sunshine each day.


Oxygen is an important part to living, and I don’t think there’s a person that would disagree with that. In order for oxygen to pass through the body, we need to have a high level of red blood cells. As a result, we wind up fatigued, pale and our hair takes a dull color. A lack of red blood cells is what happens when there is a deficiency in iron. If you’re looking to enhance the amount of iron that you’re taking in, you should up the amount of beef, beans, spinach and lentils that you eat. Otherwise, iron supplements also get the job done.

These two vitamins are only two of the nutrients that a majority of people are deficient in, but the problem doesn’t start here. For the next couple of blog posts we will touch on more of the vitamins that aren’t difficult to increase your intake of. Make sure that you check back in the next couple of days and that you place your self health check up package order, today.

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