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Vitamins People Are Most Frequently Deficient In - Part 2

In our last blog post we touched on the importance of our at home blood tests and their ability to provide you with the information that you need to make note of which vitamins you are deficient in. While those two vitamins in particular are extremely common for deficiencies, they aren’t the only vitamins that we see people are lacking. Today, and for the next couple of posts, we are going to cover more vitamins that you can stay on top of to ensure that a deficiency does not happen.

Vitamin B12

This isn’t a vitamin that used to be common when it comes to deficiencies, but it is one that has recently been noted as a vitamin that most people are lacking. This particular vitamin helps boost the neurotransmitters in the brain. These vitamins are most commonly lacking in individuals that are vegan or undergoing weight loss treatments because of the foods B12 vitamins are found in. If you’re in need of an increase in vitamin B12, you can increase these vitamins by increasing the amount of fish, chicken and dairy that you’re eating.


One of the vitamins that is less commonly sought out is magnesium, making it one that people are usually deficient in. This particular vitamin supports bone health and provides an added boost of energy. This nutrient can play a larger role in your happiness and health, and is easy to increase intake of. You will find magnesium in cashews, almonds, black beans, spinach and peanuts. In the case that you’re not a fan of these foods, you can also find magnesium supplements that’ll do the trick.

These two vitamins can easily be countered by eating the right types of food and maintaining a healthy diet. To learn about the last few vitamins that we want to focus on for this series.

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