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Vitamins People Are Most Frequently Deficient In - Part 3

The last couple of blogs have covered nutrients that are commonly marked as deficient after blood work is done. With the self health check up package that you can order from Selfie Healthie, you can receive  the information that you need to make actual life changing decisions for your health. In the last couple of posts we’ve driven focus to the different vitamins that people are commonly deficient in. This will be the last post of our series and will touch on the last couple of nutrients that we really want to stress.


This nutritious ingredient aids in kidney and heart health, a well as a variety of other organs. The older that we get the more difficult that it becomes to soak in potassium and to truly use it to fuel the body with it’s benefits. Foods that are extremely high in potassium include bananas, vegetables, milk and beans.


We’ve all likely heard of the benefits of calcium through drinking milk, but if that’s not the case, calcium is the nutrient that provides you with strong and healthy bones. Signs of low calcium revolve around fatigue, cramping, a poor appetite and moe. You can get all of the calcium that you need through orange juice, milk, yogurt and other dairy products. The doctors that we work with suggest no less than at least 3 servings a day.

This post concludes the series of blogs regarding the vitamins and nutrients that you might be lacking. Make sure to order your self health care blood test and package so that you can see where you are in regards to your vitamins. After that you can go through the blog again to see which foods you need to be increasing in your diet. Thanks for stopping by the Selfie Healthie blog, we look forward to the next time you stop by.

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